Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Job title , way to go

What is a Visual Development Artist?

As a Visual Development Artist you are an essential part of an animated movie’s creative team, designing and developing the “look” of a film. It’s up to you to explore the possibilities of the animated world, and to come up with something that’s appropriate for the storyline, and the intended audience. Once you come up with a defined vision for the film, it falls to you to generate and maintain that vision – with characters, backgrounds, environments, colors, lighting, and even props.

You have to be an idea machine, contributing suggestions for an entire world that may not even exist. But that’s the fun of it – you are literally creating a world for the animated action to play out in. You can also pitch story ideas, if something works really well with a particular animation.

You work with a variety of departments – Production Design, Art Direction, and the rest of Visual Development – to take the ideas you have from pre-development to full-blown production ready pieces. Also, be ready to assist with troubleshooting, and to work in either 2D or 3D – know how to do both if you really want to dominate in this field.


What is a Concept Artist?

A Concept Artist imagines and designs things that do not yet exist. You tend to work in entertainment fields, where the creation of non-existent entities is in constant demand. This position is based in drawing and illustration, and your work might create aliens for upcoming blockbusters or weapons for a video game set in prehistoric time.

Your daily tasks generally follows a set trajectory: First, you meet your client and draw up some quick sketches to determine the direction you are heading. This step can be rather lengthy, as clients will make you go through a lot of paper before they are happy with the interpretation. Once you both are happy with the preliminary concepts (ok, I like the monster design as a cyclops with one hand) then you define, shade, and color a few options. Your client will pick the one they want, and pass it off to the Animator or 3D Modeler.

For this position you need the ability to communicate well with your clients, visualize what they want, and combine their vision with your own ideas to create a new object. As you work in new worlds—like sci-fi and fantasy—you need a lot of imagination. After all, your clients are hiring you to create a look that they want but can’t think of.



after I read this one, visual development’s quite hard to do huh. But i love that, sound interesting !

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